Practice Areas

Business Formation & Litigation

Wise Law Group will help form your business and will help protect it in times of need.

The type of business entity that best suits your situation depends on a variety of factors, including the type of business you wish to open, the number of people involved, financing options, and long-term plans in terms of growth.

But this is just the beginning. Wise Law Group wants to be a part of your team from the beginning–to help you get started, to develop and expand, and to support you in disputes along the way.

We have expertise in drafting formation documents, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, to name a few.

And for disputes along the way? Wise Law Group will provide aggressive legal representation for your business and a hard, honest look at your case.

Disputes, unfortunately, are an almost inevitable part of doing business.  While some disputes can be handled without an attorney, sometimes litigation is necessary. Wise Law Group wants a continuing relationship with your business so that when these disputes do occur, we already know you and your business and can jump in quickly and handle the matter as economically and efficiently as possible.

When these business disputes require litigation, the issues raised can be extremely complicated. We also understand that significant resources and assets of your business may be at stake. Wise Law Group knows the legal landscape that affects your business while also having the extensive experience to navigate the litigation process, in and out of the courtroom.  Our approach is to evaluate and understand your business dispute case from the outset so we can get a clear sense of what you can realistically expect to achieve and whether and how to consider early resolution. We will pursue your best interests–whether through zealous negotiations or litigation in a courtroom–by analyzing and preparing your case creatively and comprehensively using all reasonable and available resources.

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